Rules and Awards

Important Dates

Preliminary Round Deadline: July 1st , 2022

Preliminary Round Result Announcement: July 31th, 2022

Final Round Deadline: August 15st, 2022

Final Result Announcement: September 15th , 2022

*The deadline dates above are Pacific Standard Time (PST). All applications are due before 11:59PM on the listed due dates.


Competition is open to applicants(all nationalities) at age 5 to 18. 

Important Notes

  1. Preliminary round and final round both are online. Preliminary round is free entry (no application fee).
  2. YouTube link will be required for video submission.  Video needs to be recorded within the past 12 months.
  3. Solo applicants must perform from memory. Chamber music applicants do not need to memorize the music.
  4. Birth Certificate must be submitted along with the application form.
  5. The selection of winners will be based on the videos submitted.
  6. Same repertoire and videos must be used for both preliminary and final rounds.
  7. The applicants will receive emails if they advance to final round. To enter the final round, the applicants will need to submit the video (same as preliminary round) and form with final round application fee.


Solo (Piano, Violin, Cello) and Chamber Music (All Instruments)

*Chamber Music includes two pianos or piano four hands; or chamber groups of two, three, four, or five members

*Duos of piano and another solo instrument do not count as chamber music. This should be in solo division

*Chamber Music Division welcomes all instruments, not limited to piano, violin, and cello.

Division Category

Solo Division (including Piano, Violin, and Cello)

Category A: Age 5-7 (born after September 1st, 2014)

Category B: Age 8-10 (born after September 1st, 2011)

Category C: Age 11-13 (born after September 1st, 2008)

Category D: Age 14-16 (born after September 1st, 2005)

Category E: Age 17-18 (born after September 1st, 2003)


Chamber Division

Category A: Age 7-10 (born after September 1st, 2011)

Category B: Age 11-14 (born after September 1st, 2007)

Category C: Age 15-18 (born after September 1st, 2003)


Solo Repertoire: 

Category A – Applicants’ choice of repertoire with limit of 5 min.

Category B – Applicants’ choice of repertoire with limit of 8 min.

Category C - Applicants’ choice of repertoire with limit of 10 min.

Category D - Applicants’ choice of repertoire with limit of 12 min (at least two contrasting pieces or movements).

Category E- Applicants’ choice of repertoire with limit of 15 min (at least two contrasting pieces or movements).


Chamber Repertoire:

Category A: Applicants’ choice of repertoire with limit of 5 min.

Category B: Applicants’ choice of repertoire with limit of 8 min.

Category C: Applicants’ choice of repertoire with limit of 12 min.

Video Requirements

  • Video needs to be recorded within the past 12 months.
  • High quality video is required, with clear image and audio.
  • The video must clearly show the applicant’s both hands and full body (for piano applicants, please show the use of pedal in the video).
  • Editing is prohibited within movements or single movement pieces.
  • It is fine to combine different movements or pieces together into one video.
  • Only ONE video link is acceptable per application. Please include all competition pieces in one video.
  • The applicant needs to label the title of the video on YouTube with “full name”+ “Category” + “ICM Competition”.
  • The competition video must be “open to public” or “unlisted” on YouTube.
  • We strongly encourage string applicants (Violin and Cello) to perform pieces with live piano accompaniment. However, the applicate who is not able to perform with a pianist or only able to perform with audio track accompaniment will still be eligible for the competition.
  • If the video does not meet the requirements above, the applicant will not be eligible for the competition.

Final Round Application Fee

Solo Division: 

Category A, B, and C application fee: $79/person

Category D and E application fee: $89/person


Chamber Divison:

Category A and B application fee: $79/person

Category C application fee: $89/person


*All application fee are not refundable.

Competition Judging Criteria

0-10 Technique (accuracy, clarity, tone quality, articulation, intonation)

0-10 Interpretation (musicality, style, balance, tempo, rhythm, pedaling, imagination) 

0-10 Musical achievement (level of repertoire, stage presence, memorization, artistry)

Total: 30 points


Grand Prize:  30 points 

First Prize: 28-29.5 points

Second Prize: 26-27.5 points

Third Prize: 23-25.5 points

Honorable Mention: 20-22.5 points


*Each applicant will be evaluated by at least 2 judges. If the applicant‘s instructor is one of the jury members, he/she will not evaluate his/her own student, nor will they participate in the evaluation process. 


  1. Cash awards will be given to Grand Prize Winners. There will be only one grand prize winner chosen from each solo category, and only one grand prize will be chosen from the entire chamber division. The cash awards is $200/person for both solo and chamber divisions.
  2. A free masterclass (online or in person) will be awarded to the top three applicants (according to final round scores) within the First Prize Winners in each category.
  3. Certificates will be awarded to all prize winners.
  4. Prize winners in local area will be invited to perform live concert and participate in award ceremony in Los Angeles/Irvine area. The date(s) for winner’s concert(s) and award ceremony will be announced.
  5. Prize winners in other areas will be also invited for live concert and award ceremony. The travel and accommodation fee will not be covered by the competition committee.
  6. The awards will be only based on the videos submitted. The jury’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.
  7. The competition committee reserves all the rights.