Group Music Lessons

          “Some children respond to practice better when they know they are in a group setting,”

Pursuing music as a Fun hobby, a group lesson can create an environment that has less pressure. Your child can get the social aspect and basic skills needed without things getting too serious, which may cause them to lose interest in playing an instrument completely.​


1 Session = 12 Classes

Option A: (Under 3 yrs Old)  MUSIC IN ME (30 min/class) - $480/session                                                                         

This program brings kids a joyful first music experience. Kids and parents share in a music-making program of rhythms, finger movements, active movement games, keyboard exploration, and singing. Creativity is key.

Option B: (Under 5 yrs Old) THE YOUNG MUSICIAN (45 min/class) - $540/session    

This program introduces students to keyboard performance and note reading in a holistic program, including the development of basic musicianship through varied musical styles, ear training, solfege singing, keyboard performance, and music writing.